Betsy Corsiglia works with individuals and families, focusing on lifestyle adjustments to achieve personal goals such as, weight loss, improved energy, management of diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases.


Customized Plans

As a nutrition specialist, Betsy seeks to help improve quality of life by focusing on the client’s individual lifestyle, as well as their emotional and physical influences. Betsy works with individuals to increase their knowledge about food and their relationship with food, whether they suffer from emotional eating or other dependencies. As a fitness trainer, Betsy can also help integrate movement and elevate a client’s current exercise practices to help achieve their desired results.


Pantry Evaluation & Meal Prep

Betsy provides pantry evaluations, meal planning and cooking classes to help set you up for success. By evaluating the foods you regularly consume, Betsy will make recommendations to incorporate healthier choices. Additionally, Betsy works with adults, teens, children and families to help guide them through the complexities of building a healthy nutrition foundation by learning to navigate around challenging food temptations.


Individual/Family Counseling

Betsy works with individuals and families to help them achieve personal goals such as: weight loss, improved energy, diabetes management, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. She can also assist clients in managing other chronic conditions affecting the digestive system namely, irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease and Crohn’s disease. Additionally, Betsy can provide nutritional support for cancer patients, to help instill optimal nutrition during life’s most challenging circumstances.


Workshops & Consulting

Betsy loves to share her passion and expertise with those in the community! She is available for presenting wellness workshops, advising businesses, and contributing to nutrition related articles and publications. From seniors to expectant mothers, establishing proper nutrition is key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Betsy enjoys nothing more than setting her clients up for a lifetime of healthy choices.


Ready to get started?

During the initial one hour Nutrition Counseling session, Betsy will gather background information on your health history, current diet patterns, and understanding of nutrition. From there, she will help you establish personal goals by recommending healthy alternatives tailored to your individual preferences and lifestyle. Contact Betsy now to set up a consultation.

Our bodies are our gardens–our wills are our gardeners.
— William Skakespeare