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A healthier you awaits.

Betsy Corsiglia is a Licensed, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer on Martha’s Vineyard. If you want to improve your quality of life, and you’re tired of feeling sluggish and unhealthy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Betsy can help make a positive difference in your life by focusing on YOUR individual lifestyle. Nutrition is personal and so is her approach. She’ll work with you to increase your knowledge about food and your relationship with it (yes, it’s possible!). Betsy will guide you towards healthier habits with food and movement so they become part of your daily routine.

What are you waiting for? Let Betsy empower you to live a healthier lifestyle today.


Want to live your best life? Betsy will help you reach optimal health and wellness through a personalized and integrated program. Using a mindlfulness-based and non-diet approach, combined with enjoyable movement, it is possible to achieve your personal goals for health and fitness. Betsy offers customizable plans for the individual or the entire family too!


As a licensed nutrition specialist and certified fitness trainer Betsy will provide you with a solid nutritional foundation and equip you with strategies to help get you moving. Think of her as a cheerleader for your health. Betsy has had a lifelong passion for healthy eating and physical fitness. She loves to share her enthusiasm about the life-changing benefits of health and wellness.


There’s no time like the present, and it’s always the right time to invest in yourself! Start by getting in touch to schedule your appointment today, and get ready to experience the benefits of good nutrition. Look forward to great ideas for recipes and daily movement, as well as healthy ways to cope with your emotional and physical influences. This is the beginning of a whole new you.


Not sure where to start? Betsy can focus on your Personal Wellness including:

Discover your potential.

Betsy’s services include one-on-one personal consultations to assess your health history, current diet patterns and understanding of nutrition. From there, she will work with you to set realistic goals–based on your personal preference and individual lifestyle. Say hello to a brighter, healthier future and say goodbye to the days of letting food keep you down.


Going through something? Betsy can work with you during various stages of health including:


Feel Empowered.

Betsy will personalize your nutrition and fitness plan according to your individual needs, as you’re ready. With her help you’ll learn about the best foods to improve your metabolism and maximize your brain power. You’ll come to understand the barriers that keep you from living a healthy lifestyle and you’ll identity what you can change to make it happen. Are you ready?

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