About Betsy


From a passion to a profession


A career rooted in good health

Betsy Corsiglia, is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. She received her Masters degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion and Certificate of Sports Nutrition from Simmons College. She completed her post graduate work at the University of Houston. Betsy is also a member of the International Sports Science Association.

Betsy gets personal

Betsy’s interest in health and nutrition was influenced through life experiences working on farms, growing her own food and learning how vitamins and minerals affect how our body’s function. As a Licensed Nutritionist, Betsy’s philosophy emphasizes healthy choices with food and exercise habits that can be sustained.

In her practice Betsy seeks to improve her client’s quality of life by focusing on the individual’s lifestyle. By understanding the personal obstacles that may stand in the way of her clients making healthier choices, Betsy works with them to establish realistic health and wellness goals so that new, nourishing habits become life long.


When Betsy isn’t busy helping clients transform their lives she enjoys gardening, sailing, and creating a warm home environment with her husband, dog and cat on Martha’s Vineyard–the beautiful place she’s called home for over thirty years. She’s also a passionate ballet and modern dancer, who enjoys getting her hands dirty as much as she does creative expression. She’s an avid orchid gardener (it’s not easy!) whose green thumb developed way back when she worked on farms as a kid. She continues to support sustainable agriculture and remains committed to understanding the connection we have with our food.

Betsy keeps busy volunteering her time with local, impactful organizations including: Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, and Dukes County Health Council. She also actively shares her knowledge with the community. while hosting workshops for seniors and expectant mothers. Betsy has also served as a contributing writer for Sound Magazine’s “Good Health” column.

What clients say

Betsy is a registered dietitian and certified sports nutritionist who really cares for the wellbeing of her clients.
— John C.
I appreciated the help with nutrition that Betsy provided me. Because of our meetings I have changed the way I eat and look at food. My diet has become more plant based and I already feel better. A sincere thank you to Betsy, I would highly recommend her!
— Alan